October 2, 2016 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

_I1A4836In this workshop we will learn the basic concepts of music theory and use them to analyze our favorite songs – hopefully getting a chance to rock out using our newfound knowledge of music!

We will begin by exploring the major scale, chords, and specifically the chords that come out of the notes within the major scale. These fundamentals will give us a deeper understanding of our favorite music. We will then listen, analyze, and play bits and pieces of music across different genres. Along with analyzing the songs in terms of our understanding of the major scale, we will also share our listening experiences. Did a chord progression or melody sound particularly sad, nostalgic, elated? Exploring these questions can help anyone become a better music listener, player and songwriter.

This workshop is open to those who already have some theory knowledge and those who don’t!

Free for students in the Band Coaching Program, $60 for non-members. Call or email us at 212-235-7510 / info@replaymusicstudios.com to reserve your spot.

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