image againBand Coaching is for young musicians who want to collaborate with a band, learn to play their favorite songs, write original material, and polish their performances. The Replay band coaches support the interests and abilities of each individual member, and help every band work together to create cohesive and unique music. Whether a band is writing original music or interpreting other people’s material, band coaches guide discussion of chords, melodies, harmonies, lyrics, and song structure while also drawing attention to the finer elements of live music performance including body movement, stage banter and other strategies of audience engagement. With a focus on personal expression in the context of collaboration, the Replay band coaches help groups work through the crucial non-musical elements that come with the territory of being in a band including compromise, listening, constructive criticism, and professionalism. Ultimately, openness to opinions is key to any creative process. There are no bad ideas at Replay. Since performing live is a pivotal part of being in a band, every band is invited to play on stage at a downtown New York City music venue.

In addition to weekly rehearsals, participants in Band Coaching receive additional weekly rehearsal time, free workshops, videos of songs from their rehearsals and 15% off instrument lessons.


Band Coaching meets for one and a half hours per week after school and on Saturdays.
Kids and teens may join a band that instructors suggest, or may bring their own group to practice at Replay.

Monthly membership fee: $289.

Click Here to Register NowPlease note: Before you register your child you must talk to the Program Director or Manager and/or visit the studio to be assessed for the best possible placement. 


Check out “The Brothers of Ares” playing their original song ‘Worth It’ at our Winter Showcase at DROM:

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